By Stephan Wijman

Working a lot with electronics, including computers and servers, it is sometimes necessary to clean them from the inside due to the dust they collect by the airflow to cool them.

In the past I used the compressed air canisters which did work, but had some downsides in my opion:

  • When using it for a while on the same spot it cooled it down so much condensation started to build
  • Long use caused the canister to cool down a lot reducing the efficiency of the pressure

I started looking if there was something else and then I found the OPOLAR Compressed Air Duster Cordless.

This device uses a small fan to generate the pressure and has a build-in Lithium battery (6000mAh). On a full battery it lasts approx 30 minutes which is nice time. It can then be safely re-charged via USB, which takes 3 hours to fully charge.

Using a device like this has the following benefits:

  • Constant airflow
  • No cooling
  • No condensation build-up

Using the OPOLAR Compressed Air Duster Cordless made me feel more comfortable using it inside computers and servers, even when they were actively running.

The fan spins at 33000 rpm and provides a thrust of air at almost 10 level strong gale (28m/s).

I am very pleased with it and have it now always ready on my desk when I need to assist or work on a computer or server. If I know it hasn't been serviced for a while I take it with me and first thing I do open it up and clean the inside and the filters.

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