By Stephan Wijman

I thought to write a review on my experience of the Ring Doorbell 3 Plus Solar Charger. This little add-on by Ring should charge the rechargeable battery or reduce the drainage of the battery.

The door where the Ring Doorbell 3 Plus is installed is towards the garden and will register some motion when we go out into the garden or to the garage, but it can't see the main street so only our movements are registered.

To connect the Solar Charger is easy. You first mount it on the wall with 4 screws and then connect the custom designed connector to the back of the Ring Doorbell 3+. After that you attach the doorbell to the from of the Solar Panel with the provided little bolts (as part of the Solar Charger accessories). Below is the diagram from the manual how to connect it.

Connect the Solar Charger to the Ring Doorbell

I have just installed the solar panel at around 11:00 on a very sunny Saturday morning of 27th of February . The battery was at that moment 81% as you can see from the screenshot below. It also shows now that it Solar Charger is connected.

Ring app screenshot after installing the Ring Solar Charger

The side where the Ring Doorbell 3 Plus is mounted only sees the sun in the afternoon, so hopefully this evening I can see if the solar panel was able to charge the battery. But of course will monitor this over a week to see the battery consumption. As a reference, the Ring Doorbell 3 Plus can last 3 weeks before reaching the 30% (with the current settings and motions detected) where the Ring app advices to charge the battery.

Position of where the Ring Doorbell 3+ is installed on the side of the house

UPDATE : I have had it now running for almost 3 weeks (18 days) and do notice some difference. Normally it would last 20 days when it drops to 30% and states it should be charged. As you can see from the screenshot below, it has been running now for 18 days and it is still at 70%.

Battery measurements

It also shows that there are certain days where it is able to charge the doorbell, but not enough to really maintain it at a constant level. During those days (13-14 April and 18-19 April) it was very sunny.

Overall it does help to prolong the lifespan of the internal battery, but in the UK climate (where there is plenty of clouds) it won't maintain the level where you won't have to recharge the battery separately. I expect that during the winter months I would need to re-charge the battery every 20 days.

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